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Another rather grim day in Ciproland

June 30, 2010

Well, the last two days have brought new side effects.  One would think that after a year… oh well, no need to travel down that hackneyed phrase…

I have no idea whether this particular side effect is a result directly of FQs or whether it is an effect of taking way too much acetaminophen over the last year — see Joe takes quite a few hydrocodone 10/500s a day because his doctor refuses to lower the amount of acetaminophen he is taking.  AAAAnnnyway… yesterday he developed blood in his urine.   Today, when he went by the doctor’s office after his lab work, the nurse told him that the doc was thinking of changing his pain meds to reduce the amount of acetaminophen … And why didn’t he listen to Joe, the neurologist and the pharmacist over the past 7 months?  Who knows.

Honestly, after doing the damage that has been done to his poor body, to add the extra damage of a drug known to cause renal/bladder problems is unconscionable.  And yet… it goes on.

Am I bitter?



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  1. cipain permalink
    July 1, 2010 10:16 pm

    Most Dr’s are not nearly as intelligent as we give them credit for. I am also of the opinion that most Dr’s get into medicine for the larger pay check and not because they have a burning desire to help people get well or ease their suffering.

    If you combine this lower than average intelligence with the greed factor, you end up with a very dangerous person called….a Dr.

    The arrogance and stupidity of the Dr. that poisoned me with Cipro is all too common I’m afraid. This Dr. was absolutely positive that Cipro was not the cause of all my sudden health problems, even though they all started as soon as I finished his Cipro script. His refusal to listen to me or read any of the medical material I presented him was unbelievable. I assumed he was just one of the rare “bad” Dr’s that one encounters in the medical field, but after seeing several more Dr’s that all seemed to have the same attitude made me realize that
    most Dr’s just don’t give a $hit about their patients well being and are far more concerned with money.

    I suggest that you screen many Dr’s by asking them questions about the way they practice medicine. If you don’t feel satisfied that a Dr. has your best interests in mind, move on to the next one until you do find a Dr. you are comfortable with. Remember, Dr’s work for you!!!

    • July 2, 2010 9:11 am

      This is especially true when you have medical issues the way that Floxed Folk have. As a side note, this particular doctor is not one of the KU group. He is one of the original Docs my husband saw during his illness (and has seen for the last 7 years) We continue to see this doc because h needs a local doctor in town. Perhaps it is time for a change — although that change may need to be of residence city rather than just doctor!

  2. July 2, 2010 9:12 am

    Than you John!


  1. No Cipro Please. | "Death by Levaquin" Brain/Body Toxic Drug

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