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Why Does it Hurt So Much Update

January 5, 2011

Just a quick post today and then I promise I will get back to more regular posts here…

In a comment on my Alone and Yet Not, post, Lori (her blog is Down the Rabbit Hole … and in to chronic illness) reminded me of the name I was looking for in my Why Does it Hurt So Much post.  Bob Grozier (there’s lots of Google stuff on Bob – here’s a brief intro to him on John Fratti’s site Death By Levaquin.)  She also gave me the link to the video I was talking about.  A word of warning:  It is very difficult to watch this video — Bob is in so much pain it is painful just to see it.  Lori said in her comment that she’d been in that much pain and I am here to tell you I have seen my husband in that much pain as well – he is just much more — stoic — about it, no screaming but tears — it really doesn’t matter though because, when someone you love is in this much pain it just hurts you as well.  FYI you may want to turn your speakers down a bit — Bob screams in pain a lot.

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    1. August 3, 2014 1:57 am

      And now he’s dead.

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