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No News is No News

April 20, 2014

Hi everyone. It has been a long time since I’ve typed and anyone has read. And I have no real good news. As a friend of mine once said “No news is good news? Naaah.  No news is just no news.”

Joe is still in pain. In my opinion it is worse than ever, but that is just a loving wife’s perspective. When he hurts I hurt. A couple of weeks ago he was completely out of pain medication because the doctor’s office miscalculated when his Rx was due. He went 5 days without his meds… with the doctor’s office telling him he’d taken too many. He had not. They thought they’d given him a 4 week Rx, when they’d really given him only 3… they told him he had to wait until Monday to get his drugs, even though the pharmacist had confirmed that he could get the Rx, they wouldn’t give it to him. On Friday, I found the prescription bottle. He  called the doctor’s office and straightened them out. The nurse apologized. Yeah. Thanks. Five days of pain and she says “I’m sorry.”

In the last three years, we’ve met a lot of people who have been floxed. We’ve joined several Facebook groups and found lots of support there… I’ll post the links at the end of this post and in the links. We’ve met people in our own town harmed by the same doctor who harmed Joe. And yet, he is still out there slinging this poison.

The FDA declared Peripheral Neuropathy such an adverse reaction threat, that it placed it in a black box. We could have told them that long ago. In fact we did.

Joe’s never ending foot wound: have I mentioned that? I’m not even sure I’ve written about it. Three years ago, he developed a foot wound that would not heal. Typical problem of diabetics right? Sure it is. And it continues to be marked as a “diabetic foot wound” but had he never been floxed, he would have had better flexibility in his foot, better circulation and better healing ability. He had surgery to lengthen 5 tendons in his left foot. I am hopeful that he will heal soon. But then, I’ve been hopeful for three years.

On this 4/20/14, I want to sing the praises of Medical Marijuana. Without it, Joe would be in worse pain than ever. It has been a valuable tool in his pain management, and yet, it is still illegal in our state and that is just plain wrong. People with chronic pain do not get “high” from MM, or narcotics. They get relief. The time is now to legalize Medical Marijuana.

I vow to keep this blog a little more active. There is much more to say.

April 20, 2014

Facebook groups:
Some of these are closed groups because closed allows us to be more forthcoming about our issues. To join a group, just ask to join.

Fluroquinolone Toxicity Group
Fluroquinolone Twilight Zone 
Flox Cannabis
FQ Awareness and Education
Fluroquinolone Antibiotic Poisoning
Fluroquinolone Toxicity 24/7 Live Chat Group
Long Time Floxed

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  1. Molly permalink
    October 24, 2014 9:34 pm

    I’m 27, about to get married, and was just floxed which left my upper body paralyzed for thank God, only a month. Now my latest symptom is unbearable pressure headaches. I am unable to take many medications due to complications I have with also being in treatment for Lyme disease, and am searching for alternative healthier ways to reduce inflammation and help manage pain. May I ask how you are able to get Medical Marijuana if it is not legal where you are? How do you know if it is not laced with something harmful? Also, does anyone know what the process is to qualify for MM is in the state of IL? Are floxed patients allegeable? Thank you, and I hope everyone is able to find some relief soon.

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